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CentralBDC AiChat

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The Power Of Ai For Your Dealership

Artificial Intelligence enhances the quality of service you provide to a consumer by communicating with them 24/7. CentralBDC AiChat can schedule appointments, check inventory, send credit apps, and gather trade-in information all while learning more about the consumer and providing a unique experience that matches their habits.

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It Works Whether its 3 PM or 3 AM

CentralBDC AiChat can instantly make your dealership an Ai powerhouse. The AiChat works around the clock to provide your consumer with a new channel to communicate with your store at any given time. The Ai will directly reach out to consumers that submit an internet request and will start texting with them within 5 seconds or less. whether it's 3 PM or 3 AM. 

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The Results Are Simple

By the time you wake up, CentralBDC AiChat has already taken care of every interested consumer.

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Paragon Honda Review Of CentralBDC AiChat

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